Blue Eft Press

About Blue Eft Press:

Blue Eft Press was founded in 2009 by Shael Shapiro, a retired architect. His intention is to publish a limited number of books reflecting his varied personal interests — books which are in some way unique and do not fit into standard categories looked for by mass market publishers.

The first book published by Blue Eft Press is Boardwalk Stories by Roslyn Bernstein. The book is a melding of 14 short stories with photographs taken in the 1950's by Dr. Kenneth S. Tydings. This combination of writing and photography makes Boardwalk Stories a special book. Shapiro, Bernstein and Tydings all lived in Long Beach, Long Island during the time period pictured in the book. Shapiro and Bernstein were both patients of Tydings, the local podiatrist.

The red eft is the juvenile form of the eastern newt, a salamander. Bright orange in color it often appears on country roads after a rain. There is, however, no such thing as a blue eft. The name was chosen to emphasize the fact that Blue Eft Press is interested in publishing books that do not fit in ordinary molds.